What are Bulk Earthworks?

Did you know that bulk earthworks are a vital step in many civil construction projects? Civil construction projects are a necessity in South Africa. We explore some essential points about bulk earthworks in our informative article. Carry on reading below to learn more.

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Bulk earthworks include taking away, moving or adding big amounts of soil and/or rock from an area to another area. It is necessary to know why they are carried out. They are performed to make an area an appropriate height and level for a certain construction purpose.

How are they performed? Either an area of the ground is excavated or cut into, or a new area is constructed. An example of a new area that is constructed is an embankment, where earth-based materials are added to a specific location.

Which kind of equipment should be utilised? Heavy construction equipment is needed because of the big amounts of material needing to be moved. Graders, bulldozers, as well as excavators and loaders are all examples of the necessary equipment.

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Be aware of the following: when bulk earthworks are happening, the goal is to reuse as much of the excavated materials as possible to avoid the costly collection of waste material, and delivering additional earth materials.

Here is another point to keep in mind. Specialised computer software is able to calculate the amount of material that will be taken away and what will be required in order to accomplish the task at hand.

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When it comes to excavation, you need to know that there are also many ways to classify excavation. How can excavation be classified? Excavation may be classified by the type of material that is being excavated, or by the excavation’s purpose. What is your excavation’s purpose?

What else is necessary for you to know? Identifying the material in an accurate way is vital to keep expenses down, when classification is based on the type of material. Different methods are used by surveyors and engineers to measure how easy or difficult the earth is to dig.

These are the categories that are used:

·         Easy – sand or soil that is loose, free-flowing

·         Medium – gravel with clay

·         Medium to hard – heavy clay that is wet, rock that is broken, gravel with boulders

·         Hard – materials that need blasting

This is beneficial information to think about if you are considering having an excavation done for your specific construction project.

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