The Necessity Of Industrial Construction

Worldwide, the construction industry accounts for around 7% of employment. Did you know that the construction industry in South Africa does account for about 8% of total formal employment, and about 17% of total informal employment?

The construction sector in South Africa constituted 3% of the total nominal value added to the second quarter of 2020’s [Q2:2020] gross domestic product (GDP). This sector has faced some challenges, like declining government infrastructure spend and rising material costs. Let’s take a look at what industrial construction is.

  • Industrial construction is a particular form of building which necessitates expert training and very experienced workers who are able to multitask. 
  • Which professionals run industrial building projects? Managers, engineers and architects run such projects.
  • Industrial construction, a highly specialised niche, deals with the building of factories, power plants, warehouses, as well as other specialised facilities. 
  • Industrial construction also includes the design, installation and maintenance of structural and mechanical components in these facilities.
  • Industrial building design does focus on coordinating production and distribution. Functionality is emphasised. Logistics centre around efficient production and important safety standards.

Take a look at these points about construction companies:

  • Construction companies need to comply with government regulations across all their builds. At FHP, we comply with all government regulations across all our builds.
  • Construction companies should also have portfolios highlighting their proven and successful track records. At FHP, our project portfolio showcases the many commercial projects that we have completed over the years. These projects reflect our success as a company – and the proof is in our track record.

At FHP, we provide turnkey construction services. Industrial developments, warehouses and factory complexes: Irrespective of the size, our teams will plan, improve, build, make, erect, fix, develop, demolish, improve, craft or overhaul anything you need for your industrial site. Contact us on 011 466 0405 or email today to find out more about our construction services. Our team at FHP and our network of industry professionals are ready to work with you on your next project.


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