Safety Measures When We Build Roads

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.35 million people die every year because of road traffic crashes. How scary! South Africa has experienced around 14,000 road deaths a year. With this statistic in mind, South Africans should make safety on our roads a priority; whether they are motorists, pedestrians, or road construction workers. Safety measures are important when we build roads. We decided to share our road safety tips.

We manage our road construction zones effectively:

  • Road construction work zones are areas that may have lots of work activities occurring at once. To prevent accidents, we make sure to utilise cones, barrels and barriers to clearly demarcate certain areas of the work zone.
  • Traffic controllers have to know where they need to stand. They also should know how to slow traffic or stop traffic.
  • We begin our workday with a safety meeting. We brief our workers on the work for the day, and inform them of all potential dangers.

Motorists, be aware of our tips before you go to construction zones/roadworks:

  • Before you enter a construction zone, you must take note of warning and caution signs.
  • Make sure that your lights are turned on so your vehicle is more visible to those around you.
  • Keep a safe following distance. You wouldn’t want to have an accident, would you?
  • Vehicles that are ahead of you might stop all of a sudden. 
  • Look out for construction equipment and workers. You can expect that construction crews and flaggers may be working quite close to moving traffic.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to merge to the correct lane.

Workers, stay safe at road construction work zones with these tips:

  • All workers inside the work zone need to wear proper safety equipment. PPE must be worn – this includes hard hats, highly visible clothing and steel-toed shoes.
  • Have an awareness of your surroundings. Don’t walk behind any vehicles that are backing up.
  • Spotters need to monitor vehicles’ movement. Spotters have to monitor traffic to alert workers to potential hazards.
  • Keep drinking water – stay hydrated as much as possible. Prevent heatstroke and dehydration by getting out of the heat and sun.

Pedestrians, here are some tips for you:

  • Keep alert. Be aware of what is happening around you.
  • Walk on the pavement instead of on a road.
  • Cross a road at a designated road crossing only. Cross when it is safe.

Motorists, pedestrians and road construction workers, it is up to you to stay safe on our roads! Be safe on each and every daily journey.

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