The Company Growth

The steady growth of FHP has been built on a foundation of successful projects being consistently delivered to satisfied customers, on time and within budget.


Striving to always provide excellence service!


 FHP is not just a construction company. We are a team of collaborating specialists determined to bring growth to our community, meet the changing needs of our country, and contribute towards our clients building their dreams.


Our mission is to provide our employees with a fair, uplifting and equitable working environment. This will ensure our team's involvement in our dedication to meet the changing needs of our clients and country with our quality projects delivered by experienced, qualified people.

Business Philosophy

Whilst our business is to build and to deliver on contractual agreements, we are always mindful of our motivation:
  • Our dream: The development of competent emerging local community contractors, which is something bigger than construction, it's a fundamental issue of equity and opportunity.


  • Our promise: The continued skilling and re-skilling of local emerging contractors and related businesses, supported by continuous supervision to ensure production of quality workmanship.


  • Our values: A commitment to accountability, integrity, diligence, impartiality and social responsibility in all our undertakings and always fulfilling our obligations with propriety and integrity.


  • Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB): Grading 8GB & 7CE
  • BEE rating: Level 1
  • National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC): Reg no: 12109
  • Progressive Business Forum (PBF): JHBP48067
  • Workmans Compensation: 2015032271


  • 2010 - nominated for the Govan Mbeki Award
  • 2011 - nominated for the Govan Mbeki Award
  • 2012 - nominated for the Govan Mbeki Award